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About the PlayBack Gaming Network


Welcome to the PlayBack Gaming Network

Playback Gaming was founded and owned independently by me, Kevin “iDizzy81” Wain. I have always enjoyed gaming since a child playing with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the late 1980’s a small tyke. I still remember playing with my first Gameboy in the UK, given to me by my father for Christmas. We were a military family so some of my gaming experiences relate to when and where we were.

I also take pleasure in sharing my passion for gaming and the gaming industry with others. For some time, I considered joining the ranks of YouTube, even starting a small channel with a few videos here and there. On occasion I still upload gameplay. However, I prefer to write, something I feel much more confident at doing. Thus, I bring you the PlayBack Gaming Network, PBG for short.

When I started PlayBack Gaming, I thought it would be cool to have a website that had content given to you by the gamers who play these games. Too often, you go to a website that shares your typical “regurgitated BS” that you see over and over; I do not want to be that. The stuff I want PlayBack Gaming to deliver are the games that we play, the games we have a passion for, the news we feel is important, all to the communities that we are part of. Yes, that does mean that you will not see all of the latest news of everything here. I do apologize for that but hey, I’m one person, and my friends and I only have a few hours in a day that we can deliver.

My team of content creators are made up of other like minded individuals who are looking to share their passion for the gaming industry as well. Our goal is to share what we love to the best of our ability, to be as transparent as possible and to make great content that keeps readers wanting to read something else. Over time we expect to grow and expand, but we will always remain independent.

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