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Meet the Team of the PlayBack Gaming Network

Kevin “iDizzy81” Wain

Founder & Owner

Hello all, I am Kevin, or known by many as iDizzy81, and recently known as “hey da!” to my son as a first time father. I write about the games that I enjoy and am interested in all while being a part-time tribe leader on one of my favorite games Ark: Survival Evolved.  I love the gaming community and look forward to providing content that you may enjoy as well! Thanks!

Twitter: @iDizzy81 | YouTube: iDizzy81 | Twitch: iDizzy81 | Xbox Live: iDizzy81 | SteamID: LNA_iDizzy

Bobby “biggiejerseys”

Senior Editor & Nintendo Lead

Bobby is an avid gamer and video game collector, but a gamer first, who has a lot of passion & love for gaming and has been a part of Playback Gaming since 2013. He doesn’t discriminate as he games on Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo platforms. His first exposure to video games was with an NES that his parents brought home one day as a family gift at a very young age around 4 or 5 years old and has been gaming ever since. He plays all different types of games, but his favorites are RPGs, platformers, and adventure games.

Twitter: @biggiejerseys | YouTube: biggiejerseys | Twitch: biggiejerseys
Xbox Live: biggiejerseys | SteamID: biggiejerseys | PlayStation Network ID: biggiejerseys

Barry “Cognito” Eversley

Social Media Manager & Iron Lords Podcast Host

Barry is a hardcore gamer with a passion for console gaming and all new tech. Owner of most major consoles since the Master System\NES days. adventure, strategy, sports, indie, and fighting games are favorite genres. Currently obsessed with Destiny and hosting the Iron Lords Podcast.

Twitter: @LordCognito | Twitch: COGNIT0 | Xbox: COGNITO | PlayStation: COGNITO360

“Lord Sovereign”

Iron Lords Podcast Host

Dale “ZERO” Vanfossen

Writer & Iron Lords Podcast Co-Host

Dale is a hardcore gamer and nerd at heart. He played his very first game at the age of three and fell in love with the hobby ever since. Dales a huge Destiny fan and is part of Iron Lords Podcast.

Twitter: @LordZeroILP


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