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Review Standards

In effect beginning October 1st, 2016.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we would like to share with you how our reviewers at PlayBack Gaming will be handling each game review. These standards will only apply towards full reviews but not impressions articles.

PlayBack Gaming Review Scoring Standards and Procedures


  • What is the premise of the game? (What is the game about: characters, setting, beginning plot)
  • Does the game have a story?
  • Does the game do well at relaying the story throughout the course of the games? (The flow)
  • Does the story keep you intrigued?

[Score this section up to 5 points]

Gameplay Mechanics

  • What style of game is it? (Restate the genre)
  • How do the controls work in the game?
  • Do the controls work as intended by the developer?

[Score this section up to 5 points]

Graphics Art Style

  • What does the game look like? (Color pallets, hue, style)
  • Do the graphics of the game look good based on the intended art style?
  • Does the chosen art style work for the games premise?

[Score this section up to 5 points]

Audio & Music

  • What style of music is in the game?
  • Does the music give off an intended ambience?
  • Who are the voice actors?
  • Do the lines work well with the characters?

[Score this section up to 5 points]

Multiplayer (If applicable)

  • What style of multiplayer does the game have? (Co-op, Competitive, etc., list the modes and what each entail)
  • What are the game modes?
  • Is the game hosted via players or dedicated servers? (How is connectivity?)
  • Does the multiplayer do enough to extend the life of the game?

[Score this section up to 5 points]

Single Player Games without Multiplayer – Divide Total Score By 20

Games with Multiplayer – Divide Total Score By 25

Once you have completed your review and each featured section has a give point value, you will add the points together then divide by the games highest total possible score (20 for single player only games, or 25 for multiplayer enabled games). Each game will be scored by the tenths [example: 7.6], anything extended past the tenths will not be rounded up.

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